God First: Volume III

Dear Readers,

Great news! Our latest volume of praise to God has been released. God First: Volume III is available for download through Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. It’s also available on Tolino for international distribution. At this time, KOBO is still processing, and when it’s available, I’ll post an update. We’ve downloaded the different versions ourselves to make sure they look right, and they did a real decent job of keeping our styling elements in place.
We continue to pray about Volume IV, knowing that if it is meant to be, it will happen like the first three; your prayers will be appreciated also.

Speaking of prayers, when we first began our journey into creating the foundation for each volume of the book, there was quite a bit of back and forth between different writing platforms and publishing programs, as well as a lot of life changes happening. There is quite a story behind these three volumes. If you are interested, please let us know. You might be surprised to find out that these were all published while we’ve been on the road, not in a comfy office somewhere. This was all accomplished with God’s mercy, blessing, and provision; always with constant prayer and thanksgiving.

Please pray for us as we embark on our next endeavor, whatever that is supposed to be. We have multiple Christian based stories in development, as well as the possible next chapter for our favorite characters in My Guardian Angels at Table 7. While this story is meant to be a mini story, there are many aspects of the characters’ stories that have gone back and forth on the drawing board, many times. When we are closer to a definite decision, we’ll let you know. If you are interested in knowing what happens to our favorite couple, please let us know.
We pray you will find God’s blessing in every volume of God First. Please remember, the scripture that we enclosed in each volume is meant to lead you back to the Holy Bible.

Go With God!!!

In His Love,
Ann Moore