God’s Beauty

LRM_EXPORT_20170929_112848Grand Canyon: South Rim: Mather Point

Recently I was blessed to be able to visit some places, that I haven’t seen since I was a child. The Grand Canyon was one of those places. My initial reaction: #mindblown 😮
My brother recently gave nature the best title: “God’s Art.” And so it is!!!

*Of note: when you pay for your pass into the park, it’s $30, but the pass is good for the entire week,*
After we paid for our pass at the Ranger Station, we thought we saw glimpses of the canyon through the tree line, but not enough to draw any conclusions, or gasps. When we parked in the designated parking area, everything was trees, cars, and people, (lots of people depending upon the time.) We didn’t get the full experience of the canyon until the sidewalk wound around some trees and there it was: Oh My Gosh!!!!!!! All of the pictures we took over a couple of days, could never deliver the same experience as standing at the edge of that vast beauty. Whereas many people at the park talked about how long the park took to “evolve” –their words Not mine– we beheld the beautiful Handiwork of God, giving Him the rightful credit as the Creator of All things!!!

If I have a point to this post, it is this: God made all things, and His Beauty is all around us, if we just take the time to appreciate His artistry. Although I highly recommend everyone to go see the Grand Canyon, at least once in your life, I’m very happy that God shares His Beauty with us everyday in our lives. It may be in the smile of your child, or the kindness shown to you from a friend or stranger; it may be in the guise of a perfect sunrise, or the comfort of a peaceful sunset.

In the Beauty of His Love,
Go With God!!!
Ann Moore


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